Planters, Pots and Containers can add dramatic appeal to any landscape or Patio.

Although there are no RULES we have included a few tips to help you create a lasting display.

* The information below for pots and containers applies to hanging baskets as well.*

1.  Soil Volume Counts! The larger the pot and soil volume area for roots and water retention are key to maintaining a healthy pot during our summers. 14 inch Diameter pots would be a good starting point and go up in size from there.

2. The material the pot is made of is not as important as the LOOK you are tyring to achieve and the budget. As long as it is sufficient in size. Plastic, fiber, foam, contcrete, steel and wood are a few of the options, all are fine as long as they have drain holes. and can handle the extreme weather conditions.

3. Saucers can be useful during the hot summer months especially if you have some smaller containers that dry our frequently. Saucers are not a necesity for the cooler month and winter time just be sure to allow pot to dry thouroughly if you use a saucer when it is not brutally hot.

4. In containers, pots, baskets and planters many items that are normally Perennial, may freeze out. Being exposed above ground during a severe winter the plants are not as insulated as they are when planted in the ground.

5. Assorted plants or one type filling the pot? Sorry but No help from us here,,,,, that is your call. Both are very attractive and appealing. Whether it be a mass planting of petunias in one pot, or a mixed variety with many colors and types. As long as they are all chosen for the correct sun requirements the possibilities are endless.