Name:  SALVIA GREGGII (Autumn Sage)
Prefers Sun
Size: 36-48" tall  x 20-30" wide
attracts hummingbirds
Blooms: Spring, Summer and Fall

Salvia Greggii is almost an evergreen shrub in our area, very seldom loosing all of its foliage. And BLOOM, this is one of the most blooming perennials available for our area...  Blooms from spring through summer into the fall until the first good freeze. 

Trim as desired for shape and tidiness, or let go and apprear totally natural. Drought tolerant once established and this selection is very adaptable for many of out North Texas soil types. Not picky- care free- easy- hardy- drought tolerant- Yep this is a keeper.

Coral Hot Lips Pink
Purple Red White