Prefers: Sun - Shade

Flowering Cabbage and Ornamental Kale are two very versatile plants that stand  up to our winters fairly easy and offer a variety of uses.

A leafy plant in shades of pinks, reds, and whites  with green edges  add a contrast and help accent your Pansy beds. One advantage of Cabbage and Kale is that they are able to be planted in shade  or full sun.
Cabbage normally have smoother flatter leaves while Kale have a more distinct ruffle edge on the leaves.

Cabbage and Kale both are more rounded and dome shaped:  15-18" Tall x 15-18" wide
Peacock Series:   serrated leaves with  texture adding a little extra height:   18-24" Tall   x 12-18" Wide
RedBor Kale:  this variety turns eggplant deep rich dark purple as the winter sets in,  also adds the most height and mass in the bed.   26-36" tall   x 18-26" wide

* Some severe winters may freeze the cabbage and kale out,  although most seasons we have no problems.

Pink Cabbage
Purple Cabbage
White Cabbage Purple Kale
White Kale
Peacock Purple Kale

Peacock White Kale

Scarlet Bor Kale