Name: Verbena
Category: Perennial
Prefers: Sun
Size: Varies, see type
Season to plant: Spring & summer
Sold by: Flats & Individuals

Verbena is a wonderful perennial used in our area for the brilliant colors and season long show of blooms.  Choose a location that gets plenty of sun, at least half a day to all day full sun with good drainage. Many times when verbena does not return the following year, it is most likely due to rotting and poor draining while the Verbena is dormant during the winter months.  

Verbena can be a flushing bloomer, meaning that the plants  will go into full bloom and then go into a growth cycle where there is more green and less color, this is normal for verbena. It can help to trim the dead blooms off during this cycle to get the next round of color to appear sooner. 
Pink White