Name: Scaevola (Fan Flower)
Category: Annual
Prefers: Sun
Size: 6-12" tall,  Trailing / spreading
Season to plant: Spring  & summer
Sold by: Flats & Individual
Cascading over the edge of planters, walls, covering flower beds, or spilling out of mixed containers there is nothing more heat tolerant and brilliant with tons of flowers running up the stem than Scaevola. Although Scaevola is one of the more expensive bedding plants that we sell, it covers a large area fast and it can be spaced further apart than most other annuals, making the cost per bed about the same.

Choose a location that gets regular and adequate water. If using in planters or containers, make sure they are very large or they get very frequent watering during the summer heat. Not a plant we recommend for small ornamental planters that dry out easily. Planted in garden beds, the watering is not as much an issue

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