Name: Lantana
Category: Perennial
Size: Varies by type
Requires: Full sun, mostly sun
Season to plant: Spring, Summer, late summer
Sold by: Flats & Individuals

Lantana is one of those plants that may start on the slow side in early spring before it gets hot. But during the summer when many other annuals are stressed from the heat, Lantana is showing off and making a splash. The size  ranges are listed below but all of the colors respond well to pruning for shape and size. The trimming not only keeps the plants neat and in check, but it also encourages more blooms. Pruning is NOT required and only done if you care too, it can be left alone and be equally as happy. Lantana is pretty much a perennial in our area returning most springs. The most common problem with them dying off during the winter is wet feet, beds that do not dry out during the winter months, have more difficulty surviving. 


18-30" tall  x  18-30" wide, Spacing 10-15" apart.Tighter fuller plants with uniform shape.

Also very good for cascading over walls, large planters and areas  where they have room to flow and spill over.

Lucky Yellow
Lucky Red
Lucky Sunrise Rose


10-15" tall  x 15-24" spread
spacing 10-15" apart.

Finer softer leaves with a ground cover growth habit. Great for use as a ground cover or cascading over walls and planters. The "weeping lavender" blooms great for the summer months, but  for some reason during late summer and autumn, this plant really shines and becomes  a late season show off. 


Lucky White (trailing)