Name: IMPATIEN - New Guinea  
Category: Annual  
Requires: Shade  
Season to plant: Spring  
Size: 15-28" tall, 8-12" spacing  
Sold by: Individuals  

New Guinea Impatiens have a slightly larger leaf and  bloom  than regular impatiens. Dark green foliage with intense vibrant  colors  that show off in the shaded garden.

The  most common problem we have seen using New Guinea Impatiens is planting them in  containers that dry out too quickly or that are hard to keep moist. If they are to be used in containers  be sure they are very large
with a good soil volume and adequate water.

When planted in the ground , they do not seem to have the same  issues and are usually easier to care for. Plant them early to get them well established before the heat sets in for the summer. 

A couple hours of morning sun,  and filtered shade are ideal locations for New Guinea Impatiens.