Name:Gerber Daisy  
Category: Annual / Perennial  
Prefers: Full sun, to mostly sun  
Season to plant: Spring & Summer  
Size: 10-12" tall,  8-12" spacing  
Sold by: individual pots  

Brightly colored flowers in many colors to choose from. Loves the sun, although part shade can be fine too.

Do not bury too deep and cover the "crown" of the plant when transplanting, this will cause the Gerbera Daisy to rot out. Removing spent blooms is not only good to force more blooms to come, it  also keeps the dead flowers  from falling into the plant and rotting. Gerbera's bloom  most in the spring and fall, with scattered show of color during the hottest part of the summer. In the right location it will come back for years to come.

Scarlet White Rose Yellow