Name: Plumbago 'auriculata'  Blue
Category Tender Perrenial
Season to plant: late spring & Summer
Requires: Sun, mostly sun
Sold by: Individuals
Size: 18-30" tall,  18-24" wide

Brilliant blue flowers on top of loose free flowing plants. 

Trim and prune to shape and enhance the number of blooms on new growth. Full sun to mostly all day sun is the ideal location for the best performance and color, too much shade will deplete the amount of color.

Plumbago is not one of the earliest to bloom, it seems to like to be planted roots out grows and once the summer heat  sets in it begins the show of color lasting until the first frost. 

We are in a marginal zone for Plumbago to be a perennial, many years we get this plant to return each spring. It all depends on mother nature and our winters.