Category: Summer Annual
Requires: Sun and/or Shade
Season To Plant: Spring & Summer
Sold by: Flats
With an abundant display of pink, red and white flowers on top of Shiny leaves make this plant an all time favorite for mass planting in our area.

The bronze leaf or darker foliage varieties are generally used for full sun locations while the Grean-leafed varieties are more generally used for part sun and part shade areas.

Plant Begonias any time after last frost to enjoy a display of color until late fall.

* tip: a well drained richly amended soil works best with this plant. Also be on the watch for Pill Bugs (rolly - polly's) as this pest can eat begonias.
Bronze Leaf Red
Bronze Leaf White
Bronze Leaf Mix Bronze Leaf Rose
Green Leaf Mix
Green Leaf Red
Green Leaf Rose Green Leaf White