Name: Begonia ,Double Bloom (Tuberous)
Category: Summer Annual
Requires: Filtered shade
Season to plant: Spring & Summer
Size: 8-16" tall , 6-12" Spacing
Sold by: Individuals

The hardest part about growing tuberous, double bloom begonias is choosing a color with the many vibrant colorful and eye catching flavors to choose from. The ideal location for these beauties to show off would be an area full of bright filtered light, indirect sun or a spot in the garden that got a couple hours of morning sun but is protected from the midday and afternoon hot sun.

Plant the Begonias in a container alone for a mass of flowers all summer long or mix it in with other shade loving annuals. Rich well drained soil mixed with "ColorStar" fertilizer for a constant supply of food will ensure months of outstanding blooms in any garden.