Banana Tree
Category: Perennial
Season to Plant: Spring / Summer
Prefers: Sun, Part Sun, Part Shade
Sold by: Individual Plants

Huge green leafs sprouting from a smooth round trunk make this the real deal when going for a tropical look and feel in any part of your yard.

Very easy to care for and returns most Springs from the ground. (it takes a real severe winter to keep these from coming back) Reaching heights of up to 10 feet or more in one season and producing many volunteers around the base.

For extra growth keep pumping the water to them in warmer months and apply some root stimulator, liquid form mixed according to directions, and watch them go nuts.

Category: Annual
Season to Plant:
Prefers: Shade-Part Sun-Full Sun
Height: 5' - 10'
Sold By: Individual Plants

Red veins and streaks run through the leaves and ridges of this tropical beauty. 

Can handle bright shade to all out full sun.  The thick trunk on this Banana makes for a great show piece in any setting.

The red banana is an annual in our area.