Name:  VIOLA
Category:Annual, Fall - Winter - Spring

Prefers: Sun, mostly sun. 

Does not bloom well in shade  (Violas will perform slightly better in some shade than pansies. they still prefer sun)

Size:  8-14” tall x 4-8” spacing

Water well to establish first few weeks.

Once rooted in , do not over water, allow to dry  between watering. Once a week through the     middle of winter is more than enough for established bed of pansies.

Pots and containers may need twice a week.

For heavily treed lots, wait until a majority of the leaves have fallen before planting that area.

ColorStar fertilizer, once every three months for beds,  one every 2 months for containers.
Deep Blue Yellow Yellow Jump-Up Coconut Duet Coconut Swirl
 White Mix Red Orange