Name: Spikes (draceana indivisa)
Category: Annual/Evergreen
Prefers: Sun or Shade, Partial Sun or Partial Shade
Size:18-30" tall x 18-24" wideinches tall
Season to plant: Spring, Summer & Fall
Sold by: Individual


Name: Juncus (blue arrows)
Category: Perennial
Prefers: sun, mostly sun
Size: 24-36" tall  x 18-24" wide at the top
Season to plant: Spring, summer, fall
Sold by: individuals

Green spikes are mostly evergreen for our climate. Adding extra height into winter plantings is always a good thing, and the spike adds that special touch to beds or containers.

Along with spikes,  Juncus will add that extra height and texture into fall and winter plantings. The juncus is a thin bladed evergreen grass, even with mother nature and her wrath of last winter, this grass sailed through with no harm. Not a good choice for  shaded areas.