Category: Annual - Fall, Winter, Spring
Prefers: Sun, Mostly Sun  (does not bloom well in shade)
8-14" tall, 4-8" spacing

Water well the first two weeks to establish.

Once rooted in , do not over water, allow to dry  between watering. Once a week through the middle of winter is more than enough for established bed of pansies.

Pots and containers may need twice a week.

For heavily treed lots, wait until a majority of the leaves have fallen before planting that area.

ColorStar fertilizer, once every three months for beds,  one every 2 months for containers.


A bed of Pansy's that are well watered, before a HARD Texas freeze will survive much better than a dry bed.

This kind of counter acts what the norm for a bed of Pansy's usually are. After you hear us all Summer long  Say  Water- Water - WATER, when it is time to care for your Pansy bed it is best to water in thoroughly for first week or two then drastically cut back the watering schedule.  The number one pitfall for maintaining a bed of Pansy's is over watering. But remember to make sure the bed has adequate water before a hard freeze.


Colossus Blue

Colossus Purple Colossus Red Colossus Rose Colossus White
Colossus Yellow Pure Orange Primrose Pure Yellow Ocean
Lavender Shades Pure Light Blue ( Azure) True Blue Pure Purple Pure Rose


Sunrise Pure White Pure Scarlet

Pests and insects are rampant this time of year. Treat beds accordingly and keep a close eye out for follow up treatments.

For better selection, please have a second "favorite" back up color in mind when shopping this time of year as we may be temporarily out of one color or between crops waiting for the next batch to become ready. 

Coolwaters Mix Tri-Color Mix  Citrus Mix Bevins Delight Macaw Mix
Grand Slam Mix Delta Wine and Cheese Coastal Sunrise Colossus Mix 'Merica Mix

OOPS MIX, CITRUS MIX, BEVINS DELIGHT, MACAW MIX and 'MERICA MIX are all pre selected custom mixes. They create a bold bed and since they are grown already blended, planting is ten times easier. 

Oops Mix

Think half pansy and half viola - even the name combined makes Panola. The blooms are smaller than a pansy yet larger than a viola and since they are a smaller type bloom they bloom their heads off. The flower power of these little guys is amazing and color coverage is superior as well as performance and handling of our weather and climate.

*As with a majority of smaller size flowers  they tend to bloom more than larger bloom varieties.  Color coverage per plant is achieved with many more blooms VS  a single bloom that covers more surface area,  so the end result equals the same amount color achieved through different mode.

Autumn Blaze Beaconsfield Pink Shades Clear Mix