Prefers: Sun

Although this is the Fall and  Winter Annual section these Garden Mums  are Perennial.

Mums begin to come ready for sale in September.

Planting Mums  that are "tight" (not opened all the way yet) will allow  for longer bloom life in your beds.

Planting Mums in the fall is a great way to change the season. They normally last in  bloom about eight weeks with a spectacular display of color.

The nice thing about the garden mum is that they come back year after year to give your garden a blast of color in the fall.

Mums die back to the ground during the Winter. They begin to re-sprout early in the spring.

Some mums may try to bloom during the spring months in our climate.

This is fine, although for a true Fall Color Display trim all bud, blooms, and elongated stems around mid June, to promote re-budding and timing for the  full Fall impact.